Welcome to the web page of the Physics Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta. An appreciation for us, for your visit on this page. The progress of science and technology (IPTEK), which is increasingly developing, demands the role of scientists and researchers to have high motivation and work ethic as well as adequate academic quality. We hope to produce quality graduates with scientific works of international reputation supported by superior human resources (HR) and adequate laboratory facilities.

Universitas Sebelas Maret has proclaimed to be a World Class University (WCU). The establishment of the S1 Physics Study Program will support the achievement of these goals. The hope in the future is to be able to produce quality human resources (HR) for the development of science and technology and play a role in research, technology development that is useful in various fields of knowledge, especially Physics.

Best Regards,

Dr. Agus Supriyanto, S.Si., M.Si.
Head of Physics Program Study Faculty of MIPA UNS

Dr. Agus Supriyanto, S.Si., M.Si.

Head of Physics Program Study


The Department of Physics (now the Physics Study Program) was established together with the establishment of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Solo in 1996. in the Faculty of Engineering, Teacher Training and Education, Medicine and Agriculture. The forerunner of FMIPA was the Mathematics Study Program, which at that time was under the auspices of the Faculty of Engineering, which was established based on the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education, dated January 26, 1989, Number 206/D2/1989. FMIPA UNS was established based on the Decree Followed by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture dated October 1, 1996, No. 0297/O/1996, consisting of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Due to its better performance, in 2009 the Physics Study Program received Accredited A status (BANPT Decree No. 001/BAN-PT/AkXII/S1/III/2009) and was reaccredited in 2014 (BANPT Decree No. 468/ SK/BANPT/Akred/S/XII/2014) and in 2019 (SK BANPT No. 3054/SK/BANPT/Akred/S/VIII/2019) still get accreditation status A.

Advantages and Specification

To become a competent physics graduate, lectures at the Physics Study Program are designed to form scholars who master the scientific tools of physics and experimental/observation techniques. Around the middle of the beginning of the lecture period, students will be directed to understand the main tools of physical science (description of states and interactions) as well as related experimental techniques and continue with basic scientific studies which include the structure of matter, natural systems and natural phenomena. With the scientific provisions mentioned above, at the end of their studies, students will be directed to develop their physics study materials according to the areas of interest developed in the Study Program, namely Theoretical & Computational Physics, Materials Physics, Geophysics, Acoustics, Electronics & Instrumentation, and Medical Physics.



“Excellent in education and basic research as well as the application of Physics with an international reputation based on local wisdom.”

Mission and Goals



  1. Organizing the physics learning process with international standards
  2. Organizing research activities in the field of physics with international standards
  3. Organizing community service based on the results of learning and research in the field of physics
  1. Produce graduates who:
    • Mastering theoretical concepts in physics in general and theoretical concepts in special sections in the field of interest in physics in depth
    • Able to formulate procedural problem solving
    • Able to apply and utilize physics in solving problems in the form of research and able to adapt to the situation at hand
    • Able to make the right decisions based on analysis of information and data, able to provide instructions in choosing various alternative solutions independently and in groups
    • Responsible for own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of the organization’s work
    • Able to do community service by utilizing the results of research and learning
  2. Produce international quality research for the national interest
  3. Disseminate the results of education, teaching and research to the community so that a sustainable transformation occurs for a more prosperous life

Graduate Profile




Pelayan Publik

Achievement Strategy

  1. Increase the level of compliance of lecturers in implementing SOP PBM 80%
  2. Encouraging lecturers to participate in skill improvement programs related to PB
  3. Require lecturers to comply with SOPs using e-learning media
  4. Enabling students in scientific competitions/creativity at national and international levels
  5. Increase the percentage of teachers with a doctorate degree to 80%
  6. Require lecturers for scientific publications in international journals at least one publication/year
  7. Encouraging lecturers to conduct collaborative research with national and international industry/agencies.
  8. Improving the quality of collaboration with stakeholders to request input regarding the relevance of the curriculum to the world of work and the quality of service products produced by the Physics study program


Prof. Dra. Soeparmi, M.A., Ph.D.

Prof. Drs. Cari, M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Prof. Ir. Ari HR., M.Sc.(Hons)., Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Budi P., S.Si., M.Si.

Drs. Harjana, M.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Drs. Hery Purwanto, M.Sc.

Drs. Darmanto, M.Si.

Drs. Suharyana, M.Sc.

Drs. Iwan Yahya, M.Si.

Dra. Riyatun, M.Si.

Darsono, S,.Si., M.Si.

Khairuddin, S.Si., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Dr. Yofentina Iriani, S.Si., M.Si.

Ahmad Marzuki, S.Si., Ph.D.

Budi Legowo, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Agus Supriyanto, S.Si., M.Si.

Artono Dwijo Sutomo, S.Si., M.Si.

Sorja Koesuma, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Fahru Nurosyid, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Eng. Risa Suryana, S.Si., M.Si.

Nuryani, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.

Dr. Fuad Anwar, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Utari, S.Si., M.Si.

Mohtar Yunianto, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Eng. Kusumandari, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Eng. Hendri W., S.Si., M.Si.

David Harjanto, S.T.

Laboratory Technician

Tri Winarni, A.Md.

Administrative Staff



  1. Administration Management Room
  2. Head of Study Program Room
  3. Lecture Hall
  4. Lecturer Room
  5. Meeting Room
  6. Student Discussion Room
  7. Conference Room


  1. Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory
  2. Material Laboratory
  3. Computing Laboratory
  4. Geophysics Laboratory
  5. Acoustic Laboratory
  6. Optical and Photonics Laboratory
  7. Polymer Laboratory
  8. MIPA Integrated Laboratory
  9. UNS Integrated Laboratory

Advanced Equipment:

  1. X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
  2. X-Ray Fluoresence (XRF)
  3. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  4. UV-Vis
  5. Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR)
  6. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)



  1. Universitas at Albany
  2. The College at New Paltz
  3. ITS
  4. ITB
  5. UGM
  6. UB
  7. Physics Department, Sharood University of Technology Iran
  8. Institute For Integrated Enginering Univesity TUN Hussein Onn Malaysia
  9. UNNES
  10. UNDIP
  11. UNSOED

Community Service:

  1. PCM Muhammadiyah Blimbing Bekonang Sukoharjo
  2. PT DI Bandung
  3. Pemda Karanganyar
  4. Yayasan Muhamdiyah Bekonang Sukoharja (PKM – Mitra)
  5. Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional (BATAN)


  1. LPFK Surakarta
  2. Universete du Littoral Cote De Opal France
  3. Nagoya University Japan
  4. Institute For Integrated Enginering Univesity TUN Hussein Onn Malaysia
  5. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  6. Universitas Indonesia
  7. Universitas Gadjah Mada
  8. Pusat Sains dan Teknologi Bahan Maju (PSTM) BATAN
  9. Universitas Tun Husein Onn Malaysia
  10. Thor Con
  11. BATAN
  12. Pengembangan Teknologi Pedesaan Surakarta (LPTP)
  13. RUSD Banten
  14. RS UNS
  15. Balai Besar Kulit, Karet, dan Plastik
  16. Fakultas MIPA USU
  17. PT Dirgantara Indonesia
  18. Fakultas MIPA UNRI
  19. Akademi Angkatan Udara
  20. PT Kimia Farma
  21. Naturafit Herba
  22. RS UNS
  23. RS PKU Surakarta
  24. Lembaga Farmasi Puske TNI AD
  25. PT Phapros
  26. Hottinger Bruel&Kjaer Denmark
  27. RSUD Sragen


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