Welcome to the web page of the Statistics S1 Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta. An appreciation for us, for your visit on this page. The progress of science and technology (IPTEK), which is increasingly developing, demands the role of scientists and researchers to have high motivation and work ethic as well as adequate academic quality. We hope to produce quality graduates with scientific works of international reputation supported by superior human resources (HR) and adequate laboratory facilities.

has proclaimed to be a World Class University (WCU). The establishment of the Statistics S1 Study Program will support the achievement of these goals. The hope in the future is to be able to produce quality human resources (HR) for the development of science and technology and play a role in research, technology development that is useful in various fields of knowledge, especially Statistics.

Best Regards,

Drs. Isnandar Slamet, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Statistics Study Program FMIPA UNS

Drs. Isnandar Slamet, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Head of Statistics Study Program



There are two concentrations / specializations in the Statistics S1 study program, namely Statistics and Data Science in Industry and Economics and Statistics and Data Science in the field of Environment and Health.

Advantages and Spesification

The Statistics Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNS applies statistical knowledge to solve various problems including big data. The latest curriculum of the study program has been adapted to the latest needs. Graduates of the statistical study program are able to analyze data with various methods according to their needs and are able to operate the required software, such as Minitab, SPSS, R, and Python.



“As an internationally recognized study program in 2030 in education and development of statistics and data science in the fields of industry, economics, environment, and health, as well as producing graduates who are competent in these fields.”

Mission and Goals



  1. Strive for study programs to be able to provide education and development in the fields of statistics and scientific data so that they are known internationally.
  2. Improving the quality of human resources so that they can develop education and research, especially in the fields of industry, economy, environment and health.
  3. Strive for a conducive academic atmosphere so as to increase the creativity and innovation of lecturers and students.
  4. Increase social responsibility in the form of services to the public in the field of services and statistical and data science training that is oriented towards efforts to develop the professionalism of statistics educators.
  5. Increase cooperation with other parties in the field of statistics and data science both at national and international levels.
  1. Producing S1 Statistics graduates who believe and fear God Almighty, have noble personality, are able to think logically and systematically in identifying and solving problems, able to communicate scientifically both orally and in writing, able to continue their studies to a higher level, and able to apply statistics and data science to solve problems in industry, economy, environment, and health, and be able to compete at national and international levels.
  2. Improving quality statistics education.
  3. Produce research and development of quality statistics and data science for the needs of industry, economy, environment, and health at national and international level.
  4. Produce works of community service that are able to solve problems in the fields of statistics and data science.

Graduate Profile



Data Scientist


Achievement Strategy

  1. Improving the quality of lecturer activities (covering teaching, research, service) so that all parties can organize the teaching and learning process (PBM) properly.
  2. Increased collaboration with other institutions, both educational institutions, government institutions, and industry to improve the quality of research and community service activities.
  3. Discuss curriculum and lecture materials with alumni and stakeholders regularly so that students stay updated with the latest needs.


Drs. Isnandar Slamet, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Hasih Pratiwi, S.Si., M.Si.

Dr. Dra. Sri Subanti, M.Si.

Dra. Yuliana Susanti, M.Si.

Drs. Sugiyanto, M.Si.

Dra. Etik Zukhronah, M.Si.

Dra. Respatiwulan, M.Si.

Dra. Rr. Sri Sulistijowati H., M.Si.

Irwan Susanto, S.Si., DEA.

Dr. Winita Sulandari, S.Si., M.Si.

Muhammad Bayu N., S.Si., M.Sc.

Kiki Ferawati, S.Si., M.Stat.

Niswatul Qona'Ah, S.Si., M.Stat.

Eko Darsito

Administrative Staff



  1. Administration Management Room
  2. Head of Study Program Room
  3. Lecture Hall
  4. Lecturer Room
  5. Meeting Room
  6. Student Discussion Room
  7. Conference Room


  1. Data Science Laboratory
  2. Computer Laboratory

Advanced Equipment:

Data processing consultation


The S1 Statistics Study Program has established cooperation with various institutions, both domestically and abroad. Some of the collaborations that have been done include the following:

  1. BPS in the context of the 2020 Population Census
  2. Jabar Digital Service for Practitioner Lecture in 2021
  3. BEI Central Java in the framework of Practitioner Lecture in 2021
  4. Jadavpur University, India, in the framework of research collaboration in 2020-2021

Several domestic universities, including collaboration with UGM, UNDIP, and UNSOED


The Statistics Study Program, FMIPA UNS, is a place where I can develop to be better because I have learned a lot from both academic and non-academic aspects. Lecturers and staff of Statistics study program are very experienced and also very friendly in guiding me. It is very pleasant and proud to be part of the big family of Statistics FMIPA UNS.

Erika Nurul O

Undergraduate Student Statistics

The UNS Statistics S1 Study Program has provided me with useful knowledge both academically and non-academicly. While in lectures, they are supported by competent educators and adequate facilities. Thank you Statistics UNS!

Gen Yus Salsabila

Undergraduate Student Statistics

There are lots of lessons learned while studying at the Statistics S1 Study Program. In addition to learning about theory and practical statistics on statistics, many other things are also learned outside of lectures. Such as sharpening soft skills which are very useful in the world of work.

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