Dr. Karjono, S.H., M.Hum (Primary Secretary of BPIP when delivering a Scientific Oration at a series of events to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of FMIPA on Friday (1/10/2021) online

FMIPA UNS– In this digital era, it has a tremendous impact. One of them is how easy it is for us to get ideologies from other countries. Even though we as a nation of Indonesia have Pancasila which is a noble agreement of the nation. Thus one of the excerpts of the speech delivered by Dr. Karjono SH, M.Hum as Main Secretary of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) at the Scientific Oration in the framework of the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta. The Scientific Oration event which was held offline and online was attended by FMIPA Lecturers and Education Personnel as well as faculty leaders on Friday (01/10/2021). Offline the event takes place in the Hall of Building C FMIPA, while online using the application Zoom Cloud Meeting.

More Dr. Karjono said that going to international class is not easy. In the era of globalization, an important role related to culture and local wisdom with a straight pattern of behavior is none other than using the values ​​of Pancasila. The fundamental changes of digital learning are more visible in the era of covid or pandemic. Students can study across universities, even across countries.

“For that we invite the academic community, let’s be true and smart human beings. Building digital literacy in academia and education has begun to be reoriented to the previous model. In the digital era, we are required to have good manners, the valley of mana, and uphold harmony.” said Dr. Karjono more.

Rector of UNS, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho gave an online speech at the Scientific Oration event in the framework of the 25th Anniversary of FMIPA UNS on Friday (1/10/2021)

Meanwhile, the Chancellor in his opening remarks said that the success and success of the Higher Education in realizing its vision and mission cannot be separated from the contribution and strong role of the faculties.

The Dean’s report shows that FMIPA has contributed greatly to research publications, student activities and to various achievements at UNS.

Therefore, the Chancellor believes that the Dean as the head of the faculty carries out his delegated duties properly.

“I appreciate the leadership of Drs. Harjana and Mr. Mrs. Vice Dean who are compact with bringing many achievements in FMIPA. The journey and track record of FMIPA has been shown since 2011, when I was still the Vice Chancellor,” said Prof, Jamal Wiwoho in his speech.

The Chancellor said that the success achieved by FMIPA did not just come, the process was long and required time of struggle, sacrifice and innovation, hard and thorough work and a spirit of togetherness that never faded. The Chancellor hopes that in the future FMIPA can become a leader in the field of mastering basic science in the world.

Awarding to Productive Lecturers and Outstanding Educators in the framework of the 25th Anniversary of FMIPA UNS in the Hall of Building C, Friday (1/10/2021)

In the scientific oration, awards were also given to Lecturers with Productive Intellectual Property Rights and Productive Book Authors, respectively, to Mohtar Yunianto, S.Si., M.Si (Physics Study Program) and Dr. Dewi Retno Sari S., S.Si., S.Kom. (Mathematics Study Program). Meanwhile, the most active students were given to Muhammad Zidni Subarkah (Satistika Study Program), Assyaffa Wafiqah (Pharmacy), Khalifah Imam Ali (Informatics) . Outstanding Educational Personnel awarded to Anang Kuncoro Rachmad Setiawan, S.Si., Apt.  [MnR/MIPA]