FMIPA UNS – The Alumni Family of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (KAFMIPA) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta held a Special Talkshow with the theme “Synergy of Alumni and Students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS” on Tuesday (12/4/2022) at the Alumni Hub Building, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS. This event was also used as a means to introduce Teras Solusi and the MBC 2022 Program.

Teras Solusi which is located in the Alumni Hub Building FMIPA UNS is a building that has become an icon of glue between students and alumni. It is hoped that the Terrace of Solutions will be a solution for all of us.

“This solution terrace will be a place for discussion, work, and consultation as well as a comfortable and relaxing place. The design of the solution terrace is adjusted so that young people or students feel at home and happy,” said Paiman, S.Si., as Chair of the UNS FMIPA Alumni Foundation at a talk show attended by UNS FMIPA students and alumni.

Furthermore, Paiman said, Teras Solusi is also expected to be used for various events. This building is for all of us, the beginning of alumni offerings for all of us. The plan is that there will be an Alumni Calling program every month. The Alumni Calling program will present alumni who have been successful in various fields and are experienced. From there, various information will be obtained, ranging from scholarships for those who want to continue their studies, as well as internship opportunities in companies for students.

Meanwhile, Vendy P. Nugroho, S.Kom as Secretary of the FMIPA Alumni Foundation as well as the Chief Executive of MICARE Business Coaching (MBC) 2022 said, in addition to student activities, the solution terrace will also be used as a place for MBC 2022 practice. Participants who pass the 2022 MBC selection will be given the opportunity to manage the solution core for one year. The hope is that in the second year, they will be able to open branches outside.

“We will provide an opportunity for participants who pass the MBC 2020 selection to manage this solution core for one year, with the hope that in the second year they will be able to open branches outside,” said Vendy.

According to Vendy, MBC 2022 itself will start in mid-May 2022, starting with Business Motivation, which is planned to present reliable speakers including Imam Bustomi, S.Si., M.M as Chairman of KAFMIPA as well as Marketing Director of PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental. After Business Motivation, there will be periodic and tiered events starting from Business Idea, where participants will be gathered and present their business ideas. Then it was followed by a Business Review where the participants had to choose the business they would run, and the last one was Business Execution.

Khairil Ibadu Rahman as President of BEM FMIPA who was present as one of the Talk Show speakers supported the Teras Solusi.

“This place can be a support for student discussions or events. For example, friends from ormawa who want to have a meeting, hang out and so on can be here. Meeting here can also be a step to introduce Teras Solusi and the existing food both-booths,” said Khairil. [MnR/MIPA]