Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta is a young university with extraordinary potential to become one of the leading universities which is included to the ranks of the best universities in Indonesia which won the 3 stars’ award from QS Stars University Ratings and Cluster 1 Rank 11 based on the Ministry of Education and Culture grade in 2020.

On October 6, 2020, UNS has officially changed its status to State Universities with Legal Entities (UNS-PTNBH) so that it has optimal space to improve quality, has autonomy and independence to implement the five pillars policy of UNS acceleration towards World Class University. In addition, UNS is also committed to become a Green Campus University with national and international reputation as well as the Pioneer Campus and Pancasila Fort which is completed with some areas of worship for six religions that are close to each other.

In realizing Universitas Sebelas Maret commitment as PTNBH, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences plays an active role in carrying out leading innovations in research, science and technology development and community service as well as preparing the nation’s young generation who excel as virtuous intellectuals to be able to take part in building progress of Indonesian nation. Established on October 1, 1996, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS currently has 13 study programs, including 8 Undergraduate Study Programs and 5 Postgraduate Study Programs with the support of professional educators and education staff. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS also applies the concept of learning with modern virtual reality technology, easy and integrated information systems, and is at the forefront of science and technology research and development to provide quality education, which produces professional graduates in the fields of basic and applied science, in accordance with the needs of today’s and future’s science and technology.

To realize the vision of Indonesian higher education, the independent campus – independent Learning (Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNS is ready to produce graduates who are broad-minded, have high morals, are able to play an active role in community service and are able to face competition in the global era. This is a concept for the answer to the world of education which currently only focuses on the transfer of knowledge. Learning at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS is controlled through a mechanism to ensure the continuity of quality higher education, with representative main academic support facilities including:

UNS Integrated Laboratory
Accreditation by KAN

UNS Library
Complete, Modern and A . Accredited

Language Center
Universitas Sebelas Maret

Information and Communication Technology Universitas Sebelas Maret

Laboratorium of Computation
Faculty of MIPA UNS

Integrated Mathematics and Natural Sciences Laboratory Faculty of MIPA UNS

Many achievements that have been achieved by students as well as educators and education staff, at national and international levels, prove that the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS has succeeded in producing quality human resources who are able to develop science and technology, have integrity, independence, personality and honesty, are responsive to the progress of science and technology, and are able to produce useful basic and applied science research products.

Supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure as well as the cool and comfortable atmosphere of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNS, it is the perfect place to study, process and forge yourself, which is equipped with supporting facilities such as:

  1. Parks as green open spaces and discussion spaces
  2. Sports support facilities
  3. Implementation of health protocol
  4. Spacious and modern seminar room
  5. Disability-friendly facilities
  6. Student SMEs Building
  7. A comfortable and magnificent mosque
  8. Green campus environment
  9. FMIPA Open Space
  10. UNS Bird Conservatory
  11. Alumni Hub Building
  12. Academic and Student Service

With the various advantages of human resources, Alumni with good job positions in all corners of the country, as well as the support and synergy of the Alumni Family Association of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (KAFMIPA) UNS and the Alumni Family Foundation (MICARE Foundation) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNS are expected to be a provision for graduates who able to win the competition in the global era, become the pride of Indonesia related to the fields of research, innovation and information technology in order to contribute to the progress of world civilization.